​Yoga & Meditation Weekend Retreats


Vidyadasa runs regular Yoga and Meditation retreats. 
The conditions of a retreat allow you to take your experience of yoga deeper. Meditation helps to calm and concentrate the mind, and connect us more fully with our bodies and the more spiritual aspects of ourselves and others.

These retreats include introduction to meditation and Buddhist practice,
or explorations of particular themes of practice.


If you have questions contact Vidyadasa :
[email protected]   07870 696942


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Yoga Mornings in Brighton

"wonderful sensitive teaching, thanks"

" I have learned to relax and listen to my body, to allow more time before achieving the optimum posture"

" I loved the yoga teaching, its was a style that suits me, challenging - but gently so"

"I appreciated the sense of 'flow' within, and between the postures and the permission to do less (but feel more)"  see more

The next weekend at Rivendell will likely be in 2020.

Rivendell is a local retreat centre in High Hurstwood (near Uckfield, East Sussex) which offers several retreats which integrate Yoga and Buddhist meditation. 

About Yoga & Meditation at Rivendell booking at Rivendell
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