Please contact Vidyadasa to let him know your transport plans or if you need some assistance
please ​email​ ​Vidyadasa or call 07870 696942. If you are able to offer a lift to someone elase please contact Vidyadasa in advance so he can put you in contact with other people who may be driving or needing a lift. 
See below for basic information​.
Gayles House Retreat Location 


Gayles is situated off the A259, mid-way between Eastbourne and Seaford and about one mile from the picturesque village of East Dean. It is easy to find and access is excellent. We will send you more detailed directions before you arrive.
Please feel free to contact Roz and Derry Robinson (who run Gayles Retreat), by phone, mail or e-mail for more information.


Little Gayles
East Sussex 
BN20 0BA 

Tel: 07721 023 845 or 07969 749 829

Coming via car , download this pdf file from Gayles House retreat with information about arriving from the West (Direction of Seaford, Brighton etc) or East (e.g Eastbourne or Hastings) or click on this .png file below to see the same file as a png.

If you are one of those hardy cyclist types it is possible tp cycle to Gayles House, though you will need to cycle up a pretty intense hill to get here, see other information on this page - car section etc for details).
The following information is provided by Gayles House Retreat.
We are fortunate in that Gayles House retreat is quite easiy accessible without a car.
Travelling from Brighton via bus:
You can get the number 12, 12 A, 12X bus from Brighton Station, Churchill Square (or a variety of stops towards Brighton Marina) the final destination showing on the bus would be Eastbourne, but the drop off point is before that. see the map above for general location, and download this pdf file for more info.
The bus company link is:
The bus company is Brighton & Hove buses.
Eastbourne offers the most accessible railway station as it has direct links with London Victoria, Gatwick, Ashford International, Brighton and, of course, many other places.
Though it is possible to pick up the 12 Bus bus from Seaford near the train station.
Bus fom Eastbourne
At Eastbourne come out of the station at the entrance diagonally across to the left of the platforms (at about 11 o'clock), turn left and cross straight over the road by the traffic lights, then cross over to the other side (it is buses-only there and there are several bus shelters on both sides) and walk down the shopping area, the bus stop you need is by the shelter signed as J or H and is roughly opposite McDonalds and a shop or two up from C&H Fabrics.
You want any 12 bus (or no.13 if you would like the scenic route), their destination will be Brighton.
The bus journey takes about 15 -20 minutes - when you pass a small church and pond on the left at the top of a hill,
Gayles is the next stop.
Gayles Farm is about half-way down on the drop-down panel and it's worth clicking the box below that shows all services. 
There is a taxi rank at Eastbourne Station, take the exit opposite the train platforms and it is immediately outside. There is another rank across the road near the far side of the roundabout. A taxi should cost you about £10.00
Ask the driver for Gayles, most of them know it but if they look blank tell them it is the request stop one third of a mile beyond Friston, at the top of the hill and about a mile-and-a-half before Exceat.
Once at Gayles, pedestrians are welcome to either walk down the drive or to take the footpath running parallel to it - go through the small metal gate on the left just after the large wooden gate at the entrance - the path is clear and quite level and it is more sheltered if the weather is inclement. Please note that there is no sign at the top of the drive to tell you that you are at Gayles (although the name is carved into the left hand gate post) and you cannot see the buildings from there.
The postal address is:
Little Gayles, Gayles, Seaford Road, Friston, Eastbourne, East Sussex BN20 0BA Roz & Derry Robinson,Retreat to Gayles,
07721 023845 
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