Yoga Holiday Spain 2018 : The Team

Yoga & Meditation

Silvia Laurenti

Vidyadasa has been practicing Yoga, Meditation and Buddhism since 1991. He qualified as a Unity Hatha Yoga teacher in 2006 and has been teaching weekly yoga classes, days and weekends since and has taught hundreds of people and given over 2800 classes in many different situations - classes, festivals, retreats, colleges, universities.
He also teaches Embodied Yoga Principles
He enjoys teaching regular
Yoga classes in Brighton 
Yoga mornings in Brighton
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His Yoga practice and teaching is influenced by Hatha, Iyengar, Unity & Scaravelli methods and a background in Dance, Shiatsu and Chi Kung.​​
Ordained in 2011 as Vidyadasa,  
a member of the Triratna Buddhist Order (a modern movement of Buddhism practiced by millions of people worldwide with over 80 centres and a few thousand ordained members) -Vidyadasa's name means Servant and Disciple of knowledge, he sees his work as an expression of his name.


Silvia worked as a sports massage therapist in Dublin, Lewes and Brighton for over 10 years before training as a Physiotherapist, and Pilates teacher, she is also a Hatha Vinayasa Flow Yoga Teacher. 
Silvia works in a popular private practice at Studio 57 in Hove,UK, and teaches Pilates at the Physiotherapy Practice, Brighton, and worked for any years in the NHS Physiotherapy Practice in Steyning, West Sussex, UK
"Silvia's massage was restorative and relaxing, a bonus."
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Our Daughter

5.5 years old

Francesca is Vidyadasa and Silvia's daughter, although she is not officially part of the team she will be around some of the time encouraging us to be playful, kind and patient... she is a delightful little soul on the whole however she does have her moments...(don't we all!) When we are practicing yoga and meditation,or receiving treatments she will be out and about probably playing by the sea with Silvia, Vidyadasa or friends...
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