These testimonials were received after a Yoga and Meditation weekend at Rivendell Retreat Centre.
​"I loved every session"
"wonderful sensitive teaching, thanks"
"Vidyadasa has a wonderful teaching style,      
I really appreciated it"

" I loved the yoga teaching, its was a style that suits me, challenging - but gently so"

"I appreciated the sense of 'flow' within,

and between the postures and the permission to do less (but feel more)"

"I enjoyed doing exercises slowly,

made me feel calmer"

"feeling happier, gives you space and strength to deal with issues"

"I loosened up and became flexible. I enjoyed the movement during the postures and the gentle pace"

" I have learned to relax and listen to my body, to allow more time before achieving the optimum posture"

"discovering new parts and sensations of my body that I had forgotten"

"feel like my balance has improved"

"rediscovering myself"

What people say....

Testimonials were received after a Yoga and Meditation week in Sardinia 2013


" Schedule=perfect!"


"Everything we needed! Food excellent- plenty & delicious"


"yoga and meditation  lovely, lovely, lovely just the right balance of practice... treatments=bliss

had  a wonderful time, thank you!


"Perfect mix of yoga and holiday activities for me 

Villa -  Lovely views,good facilities,comfortable beds

Food -  Couldn't have been better

Schedule - A varied and interesting programme

Yoga and meditation - a good mix - happy with a 8am start. a fantastic opportunity to go deeper into practice and participate fully in meditation which i am new to."


"I feel well nourished in body spirit and mind,stornger and more flexible mentally and physically,rested and inspired"


"Best bits: yoga on the beach at sunset - my best ever yoga practice! Thank you!

The myriad of stars, maria's cooking, lots of sea swimming

Sense of calm and community during meditation.

Sharing stories and laughter".


"I thought Yoga was just a few stretches and waving your arms about- ha ha! I didnt realise it could provide seismic shifts...! I found the mdeditation on joyfulness very powerful"


"gratitude, appreciation, joy, kindness, generosity,  simple pleasures,laughter"

" ever    Food - what can i say-Bellissimo!  

  Yoga -brill      Treatments - brill!"



"The food was great, the setting was great, the group was great and the facilitation was superb! I started stressed and stiff and ended relaxed, rejuvenated and having made new friends. The latter I'm going to stay in touch with - not typical for me, but felt I made real connections.


I really appreciated the time out and all the effort you, Sylvia and Maria made to make us all comfortable with all our desires catered for.


Yoga on the beach was fab as was having that view from the balcony every morning/evening. Our b&b was great and I really liked being in town. The yoga was at a perfect level for me and I loved my last session - the partner yoga left me on a real high. Sylvia's massage hit all the right spots and i'm returning home ready to face anything (even sleep deprivation) !


Thanks so much for enabling me to recharge my batteries and I hope to see both you and Sylvia soon."


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