Why go on a yoga holiday?

April 3, 2015


its obvious, right?…

to practice yoga and have a holiday... right? NO! 


STOP!!!  Going on a yoga holiday can be much more!


YES, YOU can enjoy time to rest, recuperate and release everyday stresses and catch up with sleep, eat well etc… 


however there can be a lot more to a yoga holiday than that...


Yoga holidays organised by Vidyadasa and Yoga Explorers can be a mixture between a yoga holiday and a retreat..



They can also be transformative live events…

they can provide an opportunity to experience what feels like....


“a still point in the turning world”…



The still point of meditation and yoga…

when we become inwardly quiet, calm and clear it can feel like we are experiencing stillness, and refreshing our everyday mind with a fresh perspective and new energy from the deep wellspring of inspiration which can arise in clearer states of consciousness..


From that still point we can review our life - whats going well, and whats not, and let go of anything that no longer serves your vision for your life…

we can do so in line with a sense of reality from meditation experience where you can get in touch with the underlying truths of experience and awareness.


practicing meditations such as the mindfulness of breathing or loving kindness assist that process...


Removing the veil

The everyday mind can be full of illusions and unclear perceptions of reality based upon deluded desires or emotions, when we remove the veil of illusion and see life as it actually is..we live our lives in a more positive realistic way...


After the holiday 

You can return home equipped with your yoga and meditation practices and practice at home and work in the midst of your everyday life…. its easy to refresh yourself with the memory of your experience and nourish yourself….


(I will also record some of the meditations for you to listen to again when you are home...)


So, its more than just a holiday... and more than a retreat...

its a pleasurable mix of the two... 


Create more and more moments of mindfulness in your life and become a stream of creative consciousness and live the life you desire to live...


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Why go on a yoga holiday?

April 3, 2015

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