Yoga and meditation practiced with a stunning seaview on the terrace and on the beach.
A variety of hatha yoga postures practiced in a fluid way, twice daily once in the morning - (soon after sunrise 7.30/8am) and in the evening (beginning before sunset 6pm) - exact times to be confirmed on location).


Yoga will include a variety of standing, seated postures, back bends, forward bends, side bends, twists, inversions, some partner yoga and Vidyadasa's specialities - flowing sequences 
(including flowing warrior and sun salutations), and practicing with meditative awareness
, all with sensitivity,a sense of humor,warmth and kindness.

Discussions: What is meditation? • why, when & how to practice it • what are the benefits?
Meditations will include • Mindfulness • Appreciation • Gratitiude • Walking Meditations 
• Loving Kindness • Compassion • Forgiveness
See information about Pula (see trip advisor), Nora (wikipedia) and Cagliari , more info about local sites,water sports and interests, to follow soon...
Timetable to follow soon...

An inspiring schedule of Yoga and meditation with space and time for personal practice, reading and relaxing, being with friends or by yourself, exploring local sites and interests, swimming, sun bathing or just resting...

by the beautiful sea...



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