We will  focus on how we can rise upwards out of the ground with strength and vitality moving lightly upwards , and opening outwards to connect with others through Partner Yoga. Release unhelpful postural patterns and develop a sense of lightness and energy through broad awareness and understsanding of the body with a mindful  sensitive awareness of the breath. 
Discover a broad repertoire of postures to take home and practice, moving on all fours, seated positions and twists, standing balances and fluid sequences of movement while diving into meditative absorption through movement & stillness.
Fill up with light and energy before going into the depths of winter, this retreat will be perfect preparation for the long, dark and starry nights , living the poetry of motion and meditation. 
Come &join us !
Read more below, see travel info & book now. 

​Accommodation ,

garden & countryside

Gayles House Retreat is in an area of outstanding local beauty in Sussex near the stunning coastline of the Seven Sisters and Friston Forest.

Accomodation is spread over 3 buildings, two dorms (sleeping 7 and 11 people) and two double rooms for individuals. Good for a group, it sleeps upto 20 people.
The Gardens are lovely, as is the local countryside, see slideshow above.
Vegetarian food for breakfast, lunch and dinner will be provided for you.

​Yoga, Meditation & Buddhism

​We will practice Yoga & Meditation in the morning , late afternoon and evening, in the lovely studio leaving enough room for free time in the afternoon and a treatment.

Yoga mats, blankets and blocks are provided, but feel free to bring your own if preferred.
A full schedule will be released nearer the time.

More info soon, and updates sent by email.
See slideshow - click on image to increase size

Holistic Treatments
Massage & Shiatsu

Silvia Laurenti (Physiotherapist Masseuse and Pilates instructor)
will offer Massage - Holistic, Deep Tissue & Aromatherapy massage.
Vidyadasa will offer Shiatsu, 

Treatments can be paid for in advance on the payments page

£30 per treatment, or at Gayles House Retreat £35.

The weekend will be organised by Vidyadasa  & Silvia Laurenti, they will bring their 1 year old baby Francesca.
I invite you to bring a poem, short piece of writing, music or video clip to share on Saturday Evening which explores or expresses 
lightness of being - 
(I will send more in-depth details after receiving your booking).

Yoga & MeditationWeekend - 'The Lightness of Being'
Fri 29th Nov - Sun 1st Dec 2013  at Gayles House Retreat, Sussex

We will explore the ability to live lightly in our body, heart and mind, turning towards the beauty and lightness in life, whilst embracing the darkness in life, the suffering of ourselves and others.
We will practice meditations to develop joyfulness, loving kindness, compassion and equanimity from the Triratna Buddhist tradition as well as Yoga Nidra and simple Pranayama breath work. Supported by poems , readings & discussions of Buddhist teachings helping us to turn towards reality with a light, open heart. 
In Yoga we will connect with your relationship to gravity, practicing grounding, and connecting with the earth.
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