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  • be more aware of your body, mind and emotions

  • expand your vision of what you are capable of

  • contribute more effectively to the world, your work, friendships, or family?

What is Embodied Coaching ?


Mindfulness based practices and coaching methods working with the body and mind to establish awareness and understanding of your relationship to your life, and give you ways to transform yourself in line with your values and your perception of success and well being. 

       Develop qualities you need with mindfulness, self-care and kindness


Create awareness of


body - posture, areas of tension and tightness and how it's affecting your life

thoughts -  you are experiencing in relationship to the personal theme we are exploring


feelings - how you are experiencing your 'inner world' of emotions and feelings


the world - people, your working or living environment

You may be invited to create a practice plan: to practice specific techniques or practices over a period of time to encourage the changes to happen in an ongoing way in your life. Real transformation takes time and effort, there are no quick tricks there are only effective practices that require commitment and effort.


What happens in a session?


We often begin with a discussion about what you would like to focus on, followed by


1) an awareness practice to sense how you are

2) a transformational practice to change how you would like to be


3) a development of self practice - exploring methods you can practice by yourself in between sessions

One to One
Personal Coaching 
Sessions for individuals

We begin by creating awareness and acceptance of how you are, then discuss what you would like to change and move towards in your life.


I will offer a variety of mindful ways of working and being together - to assist you in your personal transformation. 


These methods may involve body awareness, stillness, reflection, meditation, movement and communication, embodied coaching, and embodied yoga principles, and discussing a realistic timeline. 

They require openness, honesty and integrity, and a willingness to change, which isn't always easy, but it works.

You may wish to make notes to remind yourself of transformation and insights you experience along the way to help you integrate them into your daily life.



Are generally for 45 mins to 1 hour, but can be longer if required. I operate on a sliding scale from £40 - £60 per hr.

I usually start with an initial consultation to discover the breadth and focus of your needs and then discuss a duration of sessions which seems appropriate for you.


Sessions can be held at your work place, home, in a movement studio, or outside - depending on what the focus of your needs are and whats available.


If at a studio which requires hiring a further charge will be applied depending on its hire cost. If not held locally in Brighton and further travel is required - we can discuss and agree a fair charge for transport and time costs.


Faciliation Sessions 
Sessions for groups

It usually begins with a conversation about what the group needs and devising a process for the group to go through to move forwards together.


Individual, small group and whole group processes will be explored to draw out whatever is necessary in a supportive, encouraging, clear way.


Contact me for an initial consultation



I can plan and organise a day for your group/clients tailored to a bespoke theme, outcome or method as required.


Contact me for more information

Transformational weeks Holidays and Retreats

I lead annual transformational holidays and retreats as well as weekends and other training events, these often involve yoga, meditation, embodiment practices and therapeutic treatments in beautiful locations in the UK or internationally. 


Contact me for more information

Why work with Ady ?

I have been working professionally with people
to create change in their life for 20+years.

I began as a Shiatsu practitioner (acupressure-Japanese massage/stretching system) in 1995 giving treatments to encourage awareness and well-being, I trained as a dance and visual artist in 2000 to work with communities to create artworks and to celebrate life, and learned to be a Yoga and meditation instructor in 2006, and was Ordained as a Buddhist in 2011 after practicing yoga and meditation since 1991, followed by training to be an Embodied Yoga Principles Teacher in 2015 and Embodiment Facilitator in 2016. 

I have been involved in a variety of management and publicity positions for team based ethical businesses including Evolution Arts and Helth Centre (5 years+) and Brighton Buddhist Centre (10 years), have ran health clinics and led or been involved in retreats, workshops and courses in a variety of settings for many years, and organised parades and performances in front of 10,000+ people with Same Sky and others companies, I have also worked with many people to develop their publicity and online presence via web design.

How can I help you?

Ady Griffiths


07870 696942


A few things people have said...

I've had a couple of very helpful embodiment coaching sessions with Vidyadasa.

In the first session we focused on ways for me to embody the quality of fire, which was a need I identified because I feel it lacking due to my chronic fatigue condition.

We worked with walking, standing, a yoga pose and a kendo wooden sword and i left with some useful tools and a feeling that I could continue to work on this on my own.


As the second session, we spent time moving through all four elements with walking, which I found very revealing of my habitual patterns. It was liberating to try moving outside my usual range of movement.


We also looked at ways I can feel more grounded/supported by the earth, which I found very beautiful. I have since used some of these tools at home and am building them into my practice.


Throughout Vidyadasa has been gentle, compassionate, professional and intuitive. I would recommend this coaching for anyone wanting to work with the body to address issues they are dealing with.

Chris Brown


NHS well-being week Brighton.

Introduction to meditation, mindfulness and embodiment at work session


"Great techniques that can be replicated at my desk. Thanks for allowing me to be more chilled,less stressed but more productive in my day." J.T

"i really enjoyed connecting with meditation. I was pleasantly surprised how nice it was.Thank you."

"I was a little skeptical initially, I didn't think i would get a lot out of it, but i was pleasantly surprised.Thank you." Becca

"I feel very chilled now.It was really helpful as a way to shut me off from outside world."Debbie

"I am surprised at how long it took me to relax and it's shown me how much i need to learn to rest. Thank you!" Lara

"Fantastic will need more sessions"


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