Ady Griffiths

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I believe yoga and meditation can inspire you to experience life in a beautiful inspiring way, each day a precious opportunity.

Yoga and meditation create awareness of ourselves, people around us and the world we live in.

The practices give us time and space to focus, connect deeply with body,mind, breath and realise how we think and feel and to find opportunities to grow beyond any old limitations and habitual ways of being, to transform our way of seeing and experiencing life as it really is - beautiful, impermanent, full of challenges and opportunities for creativity.

I would like to help inspire you to live a life full of mindfulness awareness, seeing the beauty and truth of living in this day and time.

Inspiring Yoga and Meditation.

About Vidyadasa

I've been practicing Yoga, Meditation and Buddhism since 1991. My Yoga practice is influenced by Hatha, Iyengar, Unity & Scaravelli methods. 
I qualified as a Yoga teacher in 2006 taught by Sevanti
I trained to become a member of the Triratna Buddhist Order for 18 years and was Ordained as Vidyadasa (which means Servant and Disciple of knowledge) in 2011 on a
4 month retreat in Spain.

My background was as an artist and have also become a web designer.

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