Meditation. Meditation recordings for you in your own time and space. ​Please note this section is not complete yet - audio recordings will be added soon.​ Please email Vidyadasa to be notified when files are uploaded

The Mindfulness of Breathing and Loving Awareness (Metta Bhavana) are traditional Buddhist practices taught  in The Triratna Buddhist Community and the Order which Vidyadasa is Ordained in. These meditations are best learnt as part of a Meditation and Buddhism course at Brighton Buddhist Centre or on a retreat.​ The meditations below are from a Yoga and Meditation Weekend at Rivendell Retreat Centre in High Hurstwood in May 2013.

Mindfulness of Breathing

A meditation which creates awareness of subtle sensations of the breath in the body, the contents of the mind, feelings and reality.

Originally taught by the Buddha and said to be the Meditation he was practicing when he attained Enlightenment.

This is a version with four stages.

Metta Bhavana - Loving Awareness

A guided meditation which creates loving awareness of ourself,

a good friend, a person we don't know, a person we have difficulty with, and then expanding our awareness to more and more living beings. 

A very effective and transformative practice to create positive emotional responses to life. A traditional Buddhist practice .

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